Product Development Platforms

Vaporsens is in the process of releasing its first commercial product.  Extensive research, development and engineering has been completed that will guide product commercialization.  In addition, several prototype devices using nanofiber chemical sensors have been engineered and constructed that have been instrumental in evaluating our technology and developing relevant solutions of interest to potential customers.  The purpose of the product section of this website is to provide information on the current status of product development at Vaporsens.  It will be updated frequently so that you can track our progress toward commercial introduction of nanofiber chemical sensor products.

*Please note estimated product availability dates, which may change. Final products may be different than the images shown.


Acorn - In prototyping

Acorn is a modular, flexible platform currently under development at Vaporsens.  Acorn is being designed to allow evaluation of nanofiber chemical sensor technology on a platform that can be rapidly modified and adapted to optimize performance of applications under different operating parameters.  For example, product features such as sample introduction devices, flow chambers, sensor array configurations, data transmission, power options, etc. can be quickly and efficiently tested on this unique instrument.  It is envisioned that this instrument will not only be used by our customers to evaluate nanofiber chemical sensor technology for their applications, but it will also be used to develop dedicated products for specific applications.

*This product is planned for introduction in 2019.

Pilot 4.2 - Beta Instrument

Pilot 4.2 was developed with NSF funding as a prototype test platform to be used for beta testing by companies interested in Vaporsens's nanofiber chemical sensor technology.  Testing of the Pilot 4.2 began in 2016 with several customers.  This instrument is not available for purchase at this time, but it can be scheduled for beta testing with your application at your location see the Pilot Program page

Process Protection Products


PIlot 4.3 for Process Monitoring - EArly Release

Early detection and mitigation of expensive operational losses is critical to business success. The Vaporsens process monitor allows for near real time monitoring of aging, spoilage, leak detection and quality control.  Initial target chemicals for this device include ammonia and formaldehyde.

*This product is scheduled for release in late 2018. 


Air Quality Monitoring

Effective air quality monitoring requires the ability to capture real time results that are sensitive and selective. Vaporsens's air quality monitor allows for low ppb range monitoring of ammonia and formaldehyde in ambient and indoor air.


*This product is schedule for release in 2019.

Explosive and Chemical Monitoring Products


Explosives Detector

Focused on TATP and ammonium nitrate detection, the Vaporsens explosives detector is being developed for trace level detection of explosives that are commonly used in homemade and improvised explosive devices.  Detection of TNT and other common molecular explosives is also planned.

*This product is scheduled for introduction in 2020.

Drug Detector

The ability to quickly screen for illicit drugs is critical to effective law enforcement. The Vaporsens drug detector will be able to quickly discover trace levels of common drugs of abuse, including the precursor chemicals used in their manufacture and the metabolites from human consumption.

*This product is scheduled for introduction in 2020.