Key Market Solutions

Vaporsens' nanofiber chemical sensors are a platform technology that can be used for a broad and expanding range of solutions.  Vaporsens, however, is focusing on key application markets for introduction of its first nanofiber chemical sensor devices over the next two years.   The first markets to be addressed will be process protection and chemical hazardous monitoring.

Process Protection

Process protection is essential in industries such as food and beverage, environmental management, oil and gas processing, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and more.  Sensors are becoming increasingly critical for capturing data essential for waste reduction, accurate analysis, competitive advantage, and worker safety. Vaporsens nanofiber chemical sensors provide managers with the ability to reduce and mitigate risks, as well as increase efficiencies through quality control, proactive detection, shortened development cycles and data availability. 


Explosive and chemical hazard Monitoring

Explosive and chemical threats are becoming more prolific every day.  Quick detection of trace explosives enables police, public transportation security officials, first responders and others responsible for public safety the ability to intervene and prevent catastrophic events, ultimately saving lives. Quick detection of drugs is also important for law enforcement. Vaporsens nanofiber technology offers highly sensitive and selective solutions for those seeking to mitigate risks caused by harmful chemicals and explosives.