What is Co-Research?

Co -research is a collaboration that leverages the complimentary resources of two or more groups into the creation of a new idea, hypothesis or solution. Ideally, co-research outcomes will uniquely benefit and advance the specific goals of each party.

Though "Research and Development" are often lumped together in one phrase, Vaporsens believes they represent subtle but different endeavors: Research includes testing a hypothesis to determine the feasibility of the solution. Development is the process of applying research findings into viable market solutions (a product or service). Through co-research, we can work with academic, industry or government based institutions to discover solution feasibility for various sensor applications.  Contact us to learn more about participating in co-research.

Who can participate?

Anyone with a chemical sensor interest and strategically appropriate application hypothesis can participate with Vaporsens in co-research. Often, research is directed by grant offerings made available through government funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation or the Department of Defense. Industry based organizations may also have internal applications that would benefit from collaborated research. Vaporsens prioritizes participation with groups that demonstrate alignment with our internal strategic initiatives and financial support requirements.  Please contact us to discover if your ideas or applications qualify for a research collaboration.

How it's funded

Funding for co-research projects can be sourced through local and federal grants and/or corporate research budgets. Federal grants can be submitted in collaboration with Vaporsens.  Additionally, for industry based research, Vaporsens can work with companies to create a cost estimate for the desired research plan. Creating a test plan with milestone achievements as the funding mechanism is the most common method for co-research relationships. To find out more about co-research opportunities, please contact Vaporsens.

Government Funded Research Programs