Nanofiber Technology - Next Generation Chemical Sensors

The core of Vaporsens chemical sensor technology is a net of nanofibers that are approximately one thousand times smaller in size than human hair. Large surface areas and highly porous structures enable nanofiber sensors to deliver rapid response (seconds) and high sensitivity in the parts per billion and parts per trillion ranges.  Ambient air, headspace, or other gaseous samples can be measured for target chemicals.  A sensor array of different nanofibers creates a fingerprint for target chemicals of interest.  By customizing the rapid-response sensor arrays to detect specific chemical targets, Vaporsens can provide highly sensitive and selective chemical sensor solutions for users in many markets.

Vaporsens chemical sensors are reliable, portable, durable, low power and capable of detecting a wide variety of chemicals, including industrial chemicals, explosives, drugs, VOCs, TICs, amines and more.  This website is designed to communicate with you the best ways to engage with Vaporsens to explore use of this technology to create solutions for your applictions.


Test our prototype. Share your results.

In order to ensure Vaporsens instruments are operating in a manner that is useful to our customers, we want to receive feedback about how nanofiber chemical sensors perform for your applications. By testing our latest prototype for your applications and providing feedback regarding sensor performance and user experience, customers can offer input into the product development of Vaporsens sensing technology. (Limited program availability)


Collaborations for CUSTOM INNOVATIONS.

Whether you have a specific chemical sensing requirement or you have a forward-looking application to get an edge in competitive markets, a co-development partnership with Vaporsens could benefit you. (Limited and select opportunities available)


Joint Research Opportunities.

Vaporsens works with research institutions and companies on grant and contract funded projects to discover solution feasibility for a broad range of chemical sensor applications ranging from explosive detection to food spoilage.