Become a Pilot Tester

Creating the best experience for customers is of utmost importance to Vaporsens.  By including customer feedback during the product development process, Vaporsens ensures that our chemical sensor products are reliable and meet customer requirements. Through the Pilot Program, customers have an opportunity to beta test a Vaporsens Pilot 4.2 instrument in their own laboratories and research settings.  In return, customers are asked to provide feedback and data about the Pilot's functionality and user experience with the device.  Contact us today to get started.


Why Pilot?

Through the pilot program Vaporsens works closely with partners to collaborate on solution development and provide a personal level of technical support.  Pilot testing offers a win-win scenario. Customers have an opportunity to trial the device before purchasing a product and Vaporsens receives valuable user data that will lead to optimized future products. 


The Process

Vaporsens views the Pilot Program as a true collaboration.  Vaporsens works closely with Pilot partners to create and implement a test plan that leads to optimal outcomes for both parties.  Once a test plan has been agreed upon, Vaporsens will provide the Pilot 4.2 instrument, the appropriate sensor array card for your specific application, and the Vaporsens data visualization software, including user training. Vaporsens is also available to provide the technical support required for implementation and troubleshooting.  Pilot testing periods are typically 6-8 weeks.

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Current Opportunities

Vaporsens is currently accepting requests to beta test their Pilot 4.2 device.  Availability and timing is dependent on the requested use case and target chemical(s).  If a sensor array needs to be optimized for a new application, a set-up fee may be required.  Please contact Vaporsens to learn more about becoming a Pilot partner.