Vaporsense Electronic Nose

Need to detect trace amounts of chemical gases and vapors?

The vSENS is an electronic nose technology that uses patented nanofibers to deliver greater detection sensitivity, accuracy, and speed than has been previously possible in such a small and cost effective package.

Use it to detect low levels of chemicals for quality control, food safety, environmental monitoring, gas leaks, and security and defense applications.

Nanoscale Technology is at the Core of Our Sensors

Video: Nanofiber Technology and Defense Applications.


How are we different?

Novel Solid State Sensors: The large surface area and porous structure of the nanofiber sensors deliver a rapid response (seconds) and sensitivity down to the parts per trillion range.  You can sample ambient air, headspace, or a process line. The sensor array creates a fingerprint or “smell-print” of different chemical gases.  The sensor array can easily be replaced every 1-12 months depending on use.

The vsens electronic nose is coming q4 2015.

To be a pilot tester please contact us Directly.

Next Generation Chemical Detector


Vaporsens is a privately held company headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT and its breakthrough technology is based on advanced sensor research from the University of Utah's Materials Science Department.  

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Vaporsens is developing products based on its unique vapor sensing technology.  Click below to learn more about our progress and to sign up to be a pilot tester.

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